anticolonial maps
for lost lovers
Safi Alsebai

A Suite of Anticolonial Maps and Matters

Lesley-Ann Brown

Black Girls on Mars

ADHD Bossy

Coloniser, Eraser

Crater Invertido

Crater, Carte, Cartograph

Sheetala Bhat and Laxmi Priya

Home Yet?

Ali Jafri and Maham Zehra

I Pity the Garden (in the company of Forugh Farrokhzad)

Asma Abbas

Karbala, Derritorial

Mahreen Zuberi

Land as Memory, Knowledge, and Promise

Diana Yaseen

Lost Youth

Fizza and Zoya

Notes from a Conversation


Parallel Journeys

Vladimir Shcherbak


Safdar Ali

Rezoning the Dead



Babar Naeem Shaikh

Surrendering Identity

Samra Mansoor


Anticolonial Maps For Lost Lovers

Anticolonial Maps For Lost Lovers