anticolonial maps
for lost lovers
Babar Naeem Shaikh

Surrendering Identity

Couldn’t identify who it was, as I was completely unaware of the long-term impression this meeting would have on my life. It propelled me towards a parallel track of life. The curvatures of leaves, impressions of textures running linear on half-century-old Neem trees, and the smell of the earth after the first rain all translate to something familiar and unknown, resonating with the presence of ‘The Divine.’

Babar Naeem Sheikh

Babar is a filmmaker, multimedia artist, musician, and educator who graduated from the Department of Communication Design at IVS in 1999. Among his various research interests, he has been studying the shifts in the urban environment through personal narratives of artists, craft makers, musicians, photographers, and city dwellers with a keen interest in life's changing patterns. With his exploration and documentation work, he tries to accentuate relationships between people, places, and memories. His film narratives are centered around Sufism-urbanism and its effects on everyday human interaction.


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