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ADHD Bossy

Coloniser, Eraser

The Swahili phrase "Utawala Unafuta Utabulisho" means "Coloniser Erases One's Identity."

This project shows the Kanga that women wear in Zanzibar, constituted with combat print. Citizens are the real warriors, protecting their identity and not allowing the colonisers to erase it.  The hibiscus symbolises the beauty of a country that gives cover to the ruthlessness and cruelty of colonisers (skull and snake). Merely a façade. Just like all of the country's wealth stolen, leaving us to be seen as bare and worthless to those who glance our way. 

ADHD Bossy

A born Zanzibari, who loves fashion intertwined with art and culture of Zanzibar. Works mostly with digital art. Chose the art route after studying science. Enjoys being creative in fashion and art which helps ADHD and an introvert personality express itself through art. Spends hours doing a project over and over until feels happy with the result.


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